Business Security

Alarm Monitoring (incl NBN)

24 hour monitoring of your premises means that an alarm activation will send an immediate notification to our Control Room which is actioned by our Monitoring Centre Operators.


Business Alarms

Cage can install, monitor, service and maintain office alarms, warehouse alarms, computer room alarms and more


Guards & Patrols

Cage provides security guards and mobile security patrols for after-hours business security checks, hotel security concierge, parties and functions, and crowd control at events.


Access Control

An Access Control System allows you to permit or prohibit access to different areas of your premises with access cards.


CCTV Video Security

CCTV Camera surveillance will allow you to view & record activity in areas inside and outside your premises.



When a visitor wishes to gain access to your premises they are required to press a button. Just like a door bell, the button activates a chime to alert you that someone wishes to enter the building.

Perimeter Protection

Cage specialises in providing the latest and most effective electronic security. Protect the perimeter of your business, home or a high security area with the latest in intrusion detection.


Computer Room Monitoring

Computer Room Monitoring, also known as Environmental Monitoring, is a system of measuring, observing and monitoring the hypersensitive conditions of a computer room.


Energy Saving Systems

An Energy Saving System can heavily reduce your electricity bill, decrease the risk of fire from electrical fault and is an environmentally friendly initiative.


ID Card Printing

We'll take the hassle out of printing your Security ID cards.


Security Consulting

Security Consultants will assess the building layout and document current practices in order to provide a written report on how to correctly secure your premises and enable loss prevention.



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